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Broker Liability Insurance Package

Insurance House is extremely proud of our long standing association with the mortgage and finance industry which has allowed us to construct a policy which is specifically tailored to meet the insurance needs of mortgage and finance brokers.


Professional Indemnity:

$2,000,000 any one claim & $6,000,000 in the aggregate OR
$5,000,000 any one claim & $15,000,000 in the aggregate 

Public Liability:

$10,000,000 OR

Laptop Insurance:


Benefits Include

  • Free legal hotline
  • Free cyber liability cover
  • Fidelity cover
  • VOI cover
  • Compliant with Regulatory Guide 210, insurance arrangements for credit licensees
  • ASIC approved External Dispute Resolution Schemes
  • Free 7 year run-off coverage when you cease to practice, upon written request to Insurance House
  • Protecting your past activities with unlimited retroactive cover
  • All claims are managed locally by premier law firms


Professional Indemnity: $5,000 each and every claim exclusive of costs and expenses

Public Liability: $250 any one claim

Laptop Cover: $100 any one claim


ProRisk Mortgage and Finance Brokers Civil Liability Professional Indemnity Wording V04.21.

Easy to apply

Our innovative online facility allows you to purchase your insurance at any time, from any place, with no need for paperwork. Login or register below to get a quick quote. Within a few minutes you can receive a quote and complete your insurance purchase. If the purchase is completed by credit card, you will be immediately issued with your policy confirmation via e-mail. Importantly our online system is supported by our many staff who are ready and willing to assist you with any concerns. Should you have any questions please contact us on 1300 444 142.